Yehor Soboliev: One day in the life of Ukraine

Dear friends, let’s think about one single day of our life. Diversion at the strategic for our artillery ammunition depot….

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“Green” tariffs for non-green handling of domestic waste

Yesterday, the majority of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety decided to…

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Blockade has reached interim results. What should be done next?

While writing this post I will try to stick to two principles. First – to write concisely. There will be…

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Anna Romanova: Finally, the Cabinet has declared that Ukraine wants to develop its own tourist product

There has been no strategy for the Ukrainian tourism sector development and, therefore, no state policy in this industry since…

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Can the rehabilitation system become a hostage of political revenge?

The problem of creating an effective rehabilitation system in Ukraine and the system of professional training of specialists in the…

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20 billion for 10 million beneficiaries

In recent years, the issue of social benefits verification has been constantly arising in the context of the social sector…

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Language quotas on TV

Bill #5313 introduces quotas for the Ukrainian language on television – 75% for nationwide broadcasters and 50% for the local…

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Draft law #5610 is a threat to the national interests and human rights

Today, the Verkhovna Rada will consider the draft law #5610 in the second reading. The draft law provides for a…

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Soboliev addressing the members of the anti-corruption committee: Do not let kleptocrats use you

Kleptocracy continues trying to make the recommendation to appoint Nigel Brown, who served the Russian oligarchs, as the director of…

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The bitter harvest for the agrarians

It is already the middle of March, and not a single agricultural producer has yet received a refund of the…

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