Damage to telecommunication networks poses threat to information security

In the regions of the country, vandalizing of telecommunication networks is becoming more and more recurrent. Usually such news goes…

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The Chinese market has enough money to strengthen the Ukrainian economy

In order to strengthen its own economy, Ukraine needs to look for new markets. One of the potential areas is…

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To cancel the visa-free regime with Russia no parliament voting is needed – Roman Semenukha

Last week journalists have been asking a lot about the opinions on the introduction of a visa regime with Russia….

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Cybersecurity that saves: how can we strengthen the resistance to Russia’s aggression?

We really need a law on cyber security. Without it, we cannot win in the Russian-Ukrainian war. Information wars and…

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Damage to telecommunication networks poses threat to information security

The cases of telecommunications networks plundering have increased in Ukraine. It is high time we put an end to this….

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Romanova: While the hour of speeches lasted, nearly 100 people died in Ukraine…

That’s how many people die in Ukraine every hour. Moreover, our country occupies the shameful 2nd place in the world…

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Roman Semenukha: Two questions on the pension reform to the Prime Minister

We have been talking about a pension reform since 2001. This issue has already become a matter of moral and…

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Andriy Zhurzhiy: Government proposes to increase the payroll costs for employers

With all due respect to Andriy Reva, the attempts to restore the graduation for the unified social tax accrual (until…

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