Pre-election mathematics or who will benefit from increasing the number of CEC members from 15 to 17

On Tuesday, the Verkhovna Rada voted in its usual “we don’t care about the rules and the law” manner for…

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Pre-election budget: real money for the law enforcement and peanuts for pensioners

Either the growing budget deficit, the huge public debt, or the decrease in revenues this year – nothing can teach…

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Naftogaz refuses to disclose the information about its “market” purchases through its Swiss subsidiary company

Naftogaz reported that the Government had agreed with the IMF on raising gas prices for the population. It’s strange that…

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Preliminary analysis of the budget for 2019

Today, the government has presented the budget. A brief preliminary analysis: Budgets of the law enforcement bodies (Ministry of Internal…

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(УКР) Політична «мовотворчість»

Sorry, this entry is only available in Ukrainian.

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Games with the Tax on the withdrawn capital

Previously, it was ex-Minister of Finances Danyliuk who “prevented” the cancellation of the profit tax. At least, the official version…

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