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The person you are trying to reach is available. How will Ukraine benefit from the registration of sim cards?

Registration of sim cards is not beneficial for those who are engaged in spam mailing, who create fictitious call centers,…

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In simple terms about complicated things. Or what is NABU doing in NCSREU

It’s no secret that in Ukraine there is a monopoly in the thermal coal market. This is DTEK company (owned…

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Head doctors are obliged to disclose information about the inventory balance of medicines in their hospitals

Today, everyone talks about the lack or insufficient amount of medicines in hospitals. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine hears…

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Ministry of Justice has once again simulated the fight against raidership

Thanks to numerous appeals of people’s deputies and representatives of NGO “Self-Defence of Entrepreneurs”, as well as taking into account…

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Three stages of land market introduction: Position of Samopomich on land reform in questions and answers

What do we have today? For 17 years, since 2001, Ukraine has been systematically extending the moratorium on opening of…

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Nobody can be above the law: On the immunity of people’s deputies in questions and answers

What is parliamentary immunity? Immunity is the protection of people’s deputies from prosecution, detention or arrest for any crimes without…

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Pension reform: what awaits Ukrainians? – read in the new issue of the “Samopomich” newspaper

Read in the newspaper of the Samopomich Union from August 5: Pension reform: what awaits Ukrainians? Samopomich believes that the…

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Green light for 4G in Ukraine

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved a resolution that establishes the minimum amount of fees for the issuance of…

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