No “market power” in DTEK! They will just tell you the price.

There is no “market power” in DTEK! Whatsoever! They will simply tell you the price and carefully threaten with the…

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How Hroisman gave Ukrainian deposits to Yuzgaz B.V.

The government checkmated in one corrupt move. Today, the government has once again demonstrated their cynicism, donating one of the…

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Provisional investigatory commission on attacks on activists working in Odesa

Clan Wars. Continuation. The provisional investigatory commission on attacks on activists is working in Odesa. This is probably the most…

tags: Olena Sotnyk
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Draft law on advocacy – same old corruption in the new good hands!

A new wave of “patriotism” is sweeping us – we want to adopt a new law on advocacy in order…

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Babak: Monetization of subsidies or fortune for Oshchadbank, telecom operators, and Naftogaz?”

“The pitfalls from the monetization of subsidies can be seen from the shore,” says Samopomich deputy Aliona Babak. Once again…

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Monetization of subsidies. The way it should be

Monetization of subsidies. The way it should be. In my opinion, the given analysis and suggestions are quite reasonable and…

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National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities and the Ministry of Energy and Coal are playing fast and loose with Energoatom

First, NCSREU begins the game “Destroy Energoatom”. The regulator has not yet approved the tariff, but the already announced figure…

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Budget in a new way. What to expect from the new rules of planning the main financial document of the country?

Last week, the parliament approved a bill that introduces medium-term budget planning. MP Roman Semenukha explains why this step is…

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