Viktoriia Voitsitska: “Yuzivska gas field’s doomsday”

Viktoriia Voitsitska dispelling myths about why “Yuzgaz B.V.” is not suitable as an investor to develop the field. This is…

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There is a way out of the debt slavery for Ukrainians!

Today in the Parliament the draft law which will help thousands of Ukrainians to get out of a debt abyss…

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The defence budget: declassify me if you can

Taras Pastukh on why it is so important to declassify “top secret” contracts of the defence departments. 55.6 billion hryvnias…

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Iryna Podoliak: We surrendered almost all ideologically important topics to some ranters

Iryna Podoliak’s blog In one of the interviews a Polish journalist Witold Szabłowski says that the problem of “Volyn” (not…

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Miroshnichenko: Every third “export” dollar comes from the agrarian sector

Export of Ukrainian grain and agricultural products is growing annually and it brings significant revenue to the state budget of…

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One article of the Constitution – 4 devastating prosecutor’s fantasies!

Olena Sotnyk analyzed the bill 5077-1, by which it is intended to bring the repressive functions back to the Prosecutor’s…

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Cities revolted against the Energy Regulator

Despite all the statements about the course towards decentralization and strengthening the role of local communities, unfortunately we often see…

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Babi Yar. Afterword

Thank you Sofia Diak, Viktor Yelenskyi, Volodymyr Biehlov, Vasyl Rasevych, Andriy Portnov for our long conversations. Thank you for your…

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(УКР) П’ять причин звільнити керівника ДФС

Sorry, this entry is only available in Ukrainian.

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