Debtors will be protected from unscrupulous collectors by the law

Nowadays, credit financing is an important element in the organization of macro- and microeconomic, civil-law and public relations throughout the…

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(УКР) Мовне божевілля

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Clean hands save lives

One in five patients in low-income countries risks catching an infection while receiving medical care. Today, May 5, the World…

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Bill on autonomization of medical institutions signed by the President

Dear friends, the bill 2309a-d on the autonomization of medical institutions has been signed by the President! I congratulate everybody…

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(УКР) Як оформити біометричний паспорт

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Anna Romanova: “Visa-free regime is not a panacea; we must build a successful country here”

As for the visa-free regime, I would like to voice some, perhaps unpopular, but honest things. The side effects of…

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Looks like the government needs no investments for urban infrastructure and regional development – Serhiy Kiral

Investment money – not for dissaving, for the National Bank, or to cover the budget deficit, but for the urban…

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