Three lies of Hroisman

Today, during an hour of questions to the government, when answering the question of MP Roman Semenukha about the government’s…

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Victory over regional gas companies. How to reign in a monopolist?

Did you know that many Ukrainians have been paying double price for gas? The system is very simple: in addition…

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Akhmetov may receive several billion superprofits from Ukrainians under the “green” tariff scheme

An uneasy meeting of the Committee on the Fuel and Energy Complex has come to an end. During the meeting,…

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Створення ОТГ: що робити, коли змушують об’єднатися з громадою-нелюбом?

Облоги є звичайною складовою практично будь-якої війни. Війська ховаються в укріпленому місці й в оточенні можуть успішно чинити опір силам суперника….

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What will change in the medical sphere for the population of 10 regions in which martial law will be operating for a whole month?

The Law of Ukraine “On the legal regime of martial law” says that the population shall be fully provided with…

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50 shades of ensuring the country’s energy independence in the martial law time

I have sent appeals to Minister Nasalyk, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the NABU about the non-ensuring of sufficient…

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The visit of the delegation of the Parliamentary Committee on Informatization and Communication to Brussels ended

On Wednesday, top-level meetings were held with the heads of European institutions responsible for the development and interaction in the…

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