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Ministry of Justice has once again simulated the fight against raidership

Thanks to numerous appeals of people’s deputies and representatives of NGO “Self-Defence of Entrepreneurs”, as well as taking into account…

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Resolution of business protection: 8 requirements to the President and Prime Minister

Ukrainian business is appealing to the leadership of the state with a requirement to put an end to illegal seizures…

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Boryspil’s refusal automatically shuts down the flight prospects of Ryanair in Lviv as well – Kiral

Negotiations with Ryanair began in Lviv back in 2011; in 2012, there were already first visits and meetings with the…

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On Immunity of MPs – Tetiana Ostrikova

Over the last few days journalists and voters have been asking about how Samopomich will vote on the proposal to…

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See you at the Verkhovna Rada, friends! – Yehor Soboliev

There is one good result of the last meetings of the Verkhovna Rada Regulatory Committee. Every citizen has an opportunity…

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“Tough” humanization: why Ukraine needs a strict law on crimes against animals

We have passed perhaps one of the most stringent in the world law on liability for cruelty to animals The…

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5 “Rubbish” Myths, or How Ukraine Resembles India

Today, Western Ukraine turned out to be in the epicenter of a “garbage” disaster The garbage collapse in Lviv is…

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Petro Poroshenko gave the command to dismiss the Minister of Finance

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko gave the command to dismiss the Minister of Finance Oleksandr Danyliuk. This will be performed…

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Damage to telecommunication networks poses threat to information security

In the regions of the country, vandalizing of telecommunication networks is becoming more and more recurrent. Usually such news goes…

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