Yuliia Vusenko: Development budget is the taxpayers’ money, and these are the taxpayers who have to determine how the money should be spent
Samopomich Union faction in the Lutsk city council initiated an addition to the budget regulations, according to which it is obligatory to hold public hearings when adopting the city budget.
“Such public discussions already took place last week. Despite the fact that the budget is merely dry figures, we have made conclusions and have seen what we should further work on, what is necessary to explain to people, what they ask about, and what they can influence. We are not talking about the protected expenditure, but the development budget is actually the money of the taxpayers, therefore they need to determine what the funds should be spent on,” says Yuliia Vusenko, Secretary of the Lutsk city council.
She adds that all the proposals that were made during the public hearings will be heard in the standing deputy commissions of the Lutsk city council, brought up for discussion at the Executive Committee and will be listened to at the plenary session of Lutsk city council at the time of adoption of the budget.
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