Voitsitska: Budget for 2017 has to be fair to people

The budget 2017 has to be not only honest and realistic, but also fair to people. This was said by “Samopomich” MP, Viktoriia Voitsitska, during the presentation of the draft budget for 2017 by the Cabinet of Ministers.
The lawmaker expressed doubts about the feasibility of the revenue side of the budget for 2017.
“For example, more than 40 billion of revenues are expected from the National Bank. However, this year we have not received 36 billion from it, because the Supervisory Board has not been formed. Therefore, it is a big question if we get 40 billion in the next year.
Secondly, income from rental payments. The draft budget provides for more than 40 billion. “Ukrnafta” company, which is a para-public one, owes the state more than 10 billion, and is not going to pay the debt. Again the question arises, what is the percentage of “Ukranfta” payments in these funds, and whether it is possible to obtain this money?” said the deputy.
Another problematic spot in the budget, to which “Samopomich Union” faction’s representatives drew attention, is the issue of the value added tax. “The Ministry of Finance has predicted revenues from VAT in 2017 at the level of 280 billion hryvnias, taking into account the elimination of benefits for the agricultural enterprises. This makes up 11% of GDP. At the same time the EU average figure is only 7%. Consequently, the question arises, due to what Ukraine will collect 4% more than on average in EU countries is collected? It is important that taxes are not collected due to pressure on business, and prepayments,” said Tetiana Ostrikova.
Summing up Viktoriia Voitsitska adds, “Today, we are actually pushing people into shock therapy by establishing market prices on energy resources. Is the state backing its people meanwhile, is it providing them with the opportunity to take the necessary measures for energy efficiency? Will 800 million and 100 million euros, which we may obtain as international aid, be enough? Let’s get down to work, let’s make the necessary calculations and make decisions. But don’t forget that our primary aim is to help people today.”

Viktoriya VojtsitskaTetyana Ostrikova
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