“The budget of the Ministry of Defence needs to be doubled at least” – Andriy Sadovyi

And the salaries of soldiers at the front line should be raised up to 28,000 hryvnias. Such a proposal for the development of the Ukrainian army was voiced by the leader of Samopomich, Andriy Sadovyi, in an interview with the channel “24”. “If a soldier at the front line gets 8,000 hryvnias – can we call it a decent salary? 10,000 are expected in the next year. But this is still not enough. In my opinion, the salaries at the front line should be 28,000 hryvnias. Where to get this money from? From the expenses provided for state officials,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

According to him, in Ukraine, there are as many as 200,000 officials. It is planned to spend 135 billion hryvnias on them in the next year. While for the Ministry of Defence the budget provides only 111 billion hryvnias.

“I would definitely transfer 10 billion from the civil service to the needs of the army, for salaries of soldiers,” reassures Andriy Sadovyi.

In addition to the issue of salaries, it is also necessary to take care of the soldiers returning home from the front line. According to Sadovyi, in Lviv, more than 2,000 veterans have received 100 thousand hryvnias of a one-time help. Such a program should work throughout Ukraine.

“We hear a lot about how strong our army is. But one must face the truth – 80% of the budget of the Ministry of Defence goes down the drain. It’s sad. The defence budget should be at least doubled, because soldiers are our support. They must have decent salaries, decent protection, modern equipment. And it is necessary to produce weapons and ammunition here, in Ukraine, to develop a modern military-industrial complex. Today this is not done. Why? Because it is profitable to produce “Molot” mortars at the plant of one of the MPs, even though these mortars are faulty and explode. Nobody thinks about people, about soldiers. For example, Americans are ready to invest in our defence industry, but nobody lets them get there,” added Sadovyi.

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