It was decided to fully restart the anti-raidership group under the Ministry of Justice – Miroshnichenko

According to Ivan Miroshnichenko, it was decided to establish a permanent working group on ensuring coordinated actions aimed at protecting the property rights of land owners and land tenants on the basis of the old Interdepartmental Commission on the protection of investors’ rights, on combating the illegal takeover and seizure of enterprises that was created by the Cabinet’s Order #257 dated February 21, 2007.

So far an agreement has reached on the complete restart of this commission and the formation of a permanent working group that would professionally examine the problems associated with raider attacks and assist the rightful owners in restoring justice. The working group’s goal will be to coordinate the actions of the law enforcement and supervisory bodies, justice bodies, the relevant ministry, and people’s deputies in order to overcome raidership, punish the guilty, and create conditions to prevent similar situations in the future,” says Samopomich representative in the parliament, Ivan Miroshnichenko.

He explained that in order to strengthen the effectiveness of this group, representatives of NABU, Anti-Monopoly Committee, Supreme Council of Justice, National Security and Defence Council, and Notary Chamber had been included to it. All the issues considered by the working group at a meeting in the government will be presented at the meeting of the agrarian committee today. And on September 7, there will be a closed meeting of this body which will let launch a full-fledged work starting from the next week.

In particular, the working group members plan to conduct an open meeting in the near future in order to listen to about ten victims who will be able to complain directly to the heads of the state authorities, provide facts and evidence of the involvement of certain law enforcement officers in illegal takeovers and the like. Reformatting of the working group, engagement of the law enforcement and controlling bodies’ leadership, the group’s permanent meetings should be an effective recipe in the fight against impunity of illegal attacks on businesses. The later are already tired of watching the state’s inaction in the issues of property protection, so the time has come for decisive steps,” Miroshnichenko sums up.

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