“A criminal proceeding will be launched in relation to the mayor of Odesa Trukhanov if he continues to ignore inquiries from MPs,” – Samopomich

The mayor of Odesa is actually ignoring the inquiries of Olena Sotnyk regarding illegal construction.

Mayor Hennadiy Trukhanov responded with a worthless formal reply to the inquiry of deputy from the Samopomich Union faction, Olena Sotnyk, about illegal buildings in Odesa. Thus, answering the inquiry that enlists 17 specific locations of illegal construction in Odesa, where urban planning norms are violated, Trukhanov responded with a brief one-page-long letter saying that work was underway and they were trying to somehow remedy the situation. However, no documents or evidence that such work is actually being done were provided.

Olena Sotnyk continues: “In Odesa, there are disastrous situations with these object. People are forced to go out and physically protect parks and park zones from illegal construction.”

At the same time, Trukhanov, who is obliged to protect the rights of Odesa people, is only protecting the developers, thus violating the law. Consequently, the MP has to send another inquiry to the mayor of Odessa indicating each document which Trukhanov must send in response to this appeal.

Olena Sotnyk addresses Trukhanov: “If there is no proper response to the inquiry, as stipulated by law, I will act in accordance with the Criminal Code and will initiate a criminal case on grounds of creating obstacles for parliamentary activity.”

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