About 50% of Odesa entrepreneurs not paying for the rent of beaches – investigation of Odesa Samopomich reveals

The team of Odesa Samopomich has recorded Odesa coast on video. Massive violations of lease agreements have been revealed.

With the help of a quadrocopter, activists have demonstrated the work of 40 Odesa renters – starting from the 16th station of Velykyi Fontan to the Dolphinarium “Nemo”.

“During the audit, it was found out that 50% of Odesa entrepreneurs do not have lease contracts, and 70% of those that have violate their conditions to a great extent,” comments Oleksandr Borniakov, deputy of the Samopomich Union.

Among the most common violations there are non-compliance with the requirement of 30% of the free space and 5-meter distance from the water line; fencing of the beach area with an unauthorised fence, and the like. Among the infringers there are beaches “IBIZA”, “BONO”, “Ithaca”, “RIVIERA”, “Otrada” (cable car), etc.

As noted by Samopomich activists, about 50% of the objects have no lease agreements at all. All of them are located on the beaches under the so-called “cooperation agreements” (concluded with the Office of Engineering Protection) and equity participation agreements (concluded with communal enterprise “Uzberezhia”).

“In order to make it clear on what ground these facilities are located on beaches, we asked the Office of Engineering Protection to show us the cooperation agreements. We never received the agreements from the Office. And we understand why: in fact, all these facilities are located with the use of two illegal schemes,” says Borniakov.

In accordance with the first scheme, under the contract of “cooperation”, entrepreneurs should carry out the improvement of the coastal territory in exchange for the placement of their trading facilities. The activists note that there are no single rates for concluding such contracts: every time the executive committee individually established the necessary amount of money and term of the facility’s placement under such conditions.

“There are31 such contracts as of today. This is all we managed to learn from the Office of Engineering Protection,” says activist Hennadiy Novykov.

The second scheme operates under equity agreements. They are concluded between the communal enterprise and an entrepreneur for cleaning of the territory, which the entrepreneur rents from the city while having no lease contract, i.e. instead of paying for the rent and cleaning the entrepreneur is only charged for cleaning.

“Last year we received a reply from the Legal Department, which recognized this scheme as illegal. However, as you can see, for some reason the communal enterprise continues to conclude these agreements with entrepreneurs, considering them sufficient grounds for placing the trade facilities,” Novykov states.

As noted by Oleksandr Borniakov, the main task now is to stop the lawlessness on Odesa coast and draw attention of the Mayor of the city Hennadiy Trukhanov to the work of the Engineering Protection Office and the Communal Enterprise “Uzberezhia”.

“We demand to stop the practice of placing trading facilities under unclear schemes without lease agreements. After all, the above-mentioned schemes reduce or even reduce to zero the revenues to the city budget,” comments Borniakov.

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