Blockade has reached interim results. What should be done next?

While writing this post I will try to stick to two principles. First – to write concisely. There will be time for a more detailed article later. The second one – to call a spade a spade.

What were the goals of the blockade? To release the prisoners and to stop trade with the occupiers, to stop financing Russian mercenaries from Ukraine, which makes the war endless. Why in the third year of the war in order to achieve these things the veterans had to block the railway tracks?

What are the reasons? Failure of the MPs, the President and the Prime Minister to comply with their duties. Failure of the Chairman of the Security Service, the Interior Minister, the leadership of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Why, despite the fact that in Ukraine there are so many pain points for Russian business, our prisoners still have not been exchanged? The reason is the all same. But what is the motive of these leaders’ inaction? Let’s take a glance at other problems that were revealed by the blockade and draw conclusions together.

Why were lots of enterprises in Ukraine bought up by Russian or pro-Russian business and then closed down? For example, mines, fertilizer plants and so on. Why is the share of Russian banks in the Ukrainian financial sector steadily growing and has already exceeded 40%? Why are we still buying nuclear fuel elements for nuclear power plants and anthracite coal from Russia? Who owns the MTS company (regardless of the length of its shell companies)?

Why haven’t LNR-DNR been recognized as terrorist organizations yet? Why isn’t the Russian Federation recognized as the aggressor, while part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions as the occupied ones? Why aren’t corrupt officials of Yanukovych and Poroshenko in jails? Why aren’t police officers and the Security Service officers in jails for the surrender of cities in 2014? When will there be trials for the Ilovaisk and Debaltseve tragedies?

Why Inter, NO, and a lot of other frankly pro-Russian media are still working in Ukraine even after three years since the beginning of the war? Why many people’s deputies can still visit Moscow with no problems? Why in the time of war we still have officials whose e-declarations would shock even Arab sheiks?

For me the reason is obvious. In 2014 the Ukrainian people stopped military occupation. But now another kind of occupation is in full swing. Economic, information, cultural. Corrupt elements are seizing government bodies. The parliament, government, president, leadership of the special services and law enforcement agencies are failing to fulfill the tasks assigned to them by the people.

I believe the “effective control” of the Russian Federation must be enshrined in legislation (special status) or by the decisions of the government (“effective control”, “controlled enterprises”, “reconciliation”, “reintegration”) as soon as this fall. The blockade stopped all this. As a result we’ve got hysterics of Poroshenko and Hroisman, force projection of Avakov, and everything that you see on TV and in life. What to do next?

It’s absolutely clear to me that giving up means death. And in many cases – literally. The headquarters of the blockade of trade should get onto the next level. It should become the headquarters of the UKRAINIAN DEACCUPATION. The headquarters of its LIBERATION. These are the tasks that need to be addressed so that the process of RELEASE becomes irreversible:

1) To achieve the release of prisoners

2) To achieve adoption of the Law “On the occupied territories”

3) To start the process of confiscation of the aggressor country’s enterprises to the Ukrainian budget

4) To start the process of termination of privatization contracts (for breach of investment obligations) with the owners of enterprises of the strategically important for Ukraine fuel and energy sector. Basically, this is Russian and “conditionally Ukrainian” business.

5) To destroy the media that are associated with the aggressor country and are engaged in disinformation of Ukrainian citizens and subversive activities.

6) To break down the main oligarchic schemes – Rotterdam Plus, tariffs, embezzlement of IMF loans and so on.

7) To start REAL cleansing of the authorities on the basis of two principles. Illegal enrichment (impossibility to confirm their expenses) and communication with the authorities of the aggressor’s country.

Dear friends, there are many things to be discussed. Let’s discuss them this Saturday, at 4 pm at the main redoubt of the Blockade Headquarters in Bakhmut. I would like to see all the patriots of Ukraine who participated and continue to participate in the blockade.

There is an even more difficult work ahead of us. But the result is worth it. Now we have not only our personal experience of the War for Independence of 2014-2017, we also have the experience of our ancestors. And this time we cannot miss the chance to build an independent Ukrainian state. For people.

These are my personal thoughts; this is not the official opinion of the Headquarters. Let’s try and reach consensus on all the points this Saturday. Let’s take this path and lead along it. It’s difficult. Dangerous. Unknown. But Ukraine is above all, isn’t it? Moreover, we already made the first step in 2014. We made the second step in 2017. We will make the third step. Join us and let’s go together.

See you in Bakhmut

Glory to Ukraine!

Semen Semenchenko
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