“Business sector is wondering when the government will start taking real actions” – Tetiana Ostrikova

As noted by Samopomich deputy Tetiana Ostrikova during the hour of questions to the government, the Cabinet is not carrying out an proper work and is not submitting to the parliament bills aimed at simplifying the life of business in Ukraine.

“Where is the tax on the withdrawn capital instead of the income tax? Where is a financial investigations body to replace the ineffective power bodies – the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Security Service, and the National Police? When will the tax militia be finally eliminated? Will we have de-offshorization in Ukraine, will we have free movement of capital and the abolition of the Soviet decree on currency regulation?

There is no proper work of the government in these areas. The Ministry of Finance is keeping aloof and has not taken any real steps to introduce relevant bills into the parliament and to effectively consider them.

Therefore, the business sector is wondering – when will the government start taking real actions instead of artificially adjusting the indicators to some levels?” notes Tetiana Ostrikova.

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