“The majority of ambulances in Ukraine are the medical antiques, which are only good enough to bring patients to morgues on time” – Sysoyenko

Due to the lack of funding in the sphere of emergency medical care, we have a complicated situation with ambulances all over the country.

According to a people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction Iryna Sysoyenko, for two years in a row, the current government has not bothered to begin addressing the problems of the state program of emergency medical care. The financing of this program was supposed to start back in the time of the previous government, and the current Cabinet wouldn’t launch it either. Moreover, it should be noted that money for the construction of a police state, for example, is spent in large amounts.

The MP outlines facts: “The main state program, on which the life of any person depends, is financed by 0 hryvnias. For comparison: police cars, which are modern and unified in all regions, are purchased for the state budget funds. Meanwhile, the duty to purchase ambulances was transferred to the regional budgets for some reasons.

As a result, most regions are provided with quality ambulances by only 30%. All the other vehicles that we have on the roads of Ukraine are the medical antiques, which are only good enough to bring patients to morgues on time.”

“Secondly,” continues Iryna Sysoyenko, “police has a unified centralized information call system created under phone number 102. And under number 103 each region independently buys a special program for the dispatch service. Since the state did not provide the appropriate funding, there are regions in which there is no regional dispatch emergency assistance due to the lack of funds.”

“However, the most striking thing is the injustice. Why does a policeman, with all due respect to his work, receives a bigger salary than a doctor who saves people’s lives every day? This is not only about the attitude of the government towards the medical professionals, this is about the depreciation of the life of every Ukrainian,” the deputy is convinced.

Therefore, in an appeal to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, emergency medical staff demands:

First of all, an immediate increase in their wage levels. Secondly, the allocation of a medical subvention to the regions from the state budget, so that local budgets would have money for the payment of salaries and mandatory allowances for special working conditions. Thirdly, to finance the state program for the development of emergency medical care and to prevent the outflow of a huge number of medical specialists who are massively leaving their jobs now.

“If this situation continues, then there will be simply no doctors to come to the patients,” concludes Iryna Sysoyenko.


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