“A battle for a new electoral system is won, but not a war yet” – Samopomich

On Tuesday, November 7, the Verkhovna Rada supported in the first reading the new Electoral Code, which provided, in particular, for elections with open lists. Samopomich MP Roman Semenukha notes that the adoption of this document is, in the first place, a victory of the participants of the “Great Political Reform” action.

Speaking of specific changes envisaged by the document, he accentuates, “First of all, the law finally eliminates the majority election system, which, in fact, became the foundation for the formation of the oligarchic system in Ukraine. Secondly, the document introduces open party lists in 27 constituencies.

In addition to this, we have practically banned political advertising. Now it will be much more difficult for the oligarchs to influence the results of elections through their channels, so the deputies will have no other choice than to go to people and communicate with them. The other thing is that the voters in every region of Ukraine will be able to choose not only the party, but also a specific candidate; that means that these will be not only parties but also candidates that will compete.

And most importantly, if this law is adopted, there will not be a single deputy of the Verkhovna Rada who will not work in his/her electoral district, who will not be assigned to a particular region, and every deputy will represent a particular community.”

People’s deputy from the Samopomich faction Tetiana Ostrikova adds: “The suggested system will allow the parties to get the number of seats in the parliament proportionally to the level of the real support of people. Moreover, this system will contribute to the renewal of the composition of the Verkhovna Rada and a change in political elites that have been here for decades but do not change anything. Another very important piece of news for all women – this bill introduces a 40% gender quota, increasing the chances of all active women in Ukraine to get into the parliament.”

Samopomich members are convinced that it is probably for the first time in the history of modern Ukraine that a step has been taken towards ensuring more transparent, honest and fair elections.

“This victory was unexpected for most of the parliament, it was seen in the Verkhovna Rada hall,” concludes Tetiana Ostrikova. “Therefore, I want to say that it is a battle that has been won, not the war yet. The second reading is very important. We need the support of everyone who cares about their votes in the elections.”

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