“Without the adoption of the order on the use of the Armed Forces 250,000 servicemen remain under threat” – Samopomich

On Thursday, November 2, the Supreme Specialized Court in Kyiv was to consider a cassation appeal of the border guard Serhiy Kolmohorov against a judicial decision, which sentenced the man to 13 years in prison for an allegedly intended killing. However, due to the absence of prosecutors at the meeting the consideration was postponed until Monday, November 6.

The Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroyid believes that such behavior of the prosecutors is an indicator of a weak position. She adds that this case is actually fabricated, because the border guard was convicted for carrying out a military order under the laws of peacetime – that is, the fact that there is war in Ukraine was not taken into consideration. “We are at a turning point. Kolmohorov’s case is a very indicative moment, that’s why very many servicemen are monitoring it,” the Vice Speaker underlines.

Samopomich MP Taras Pastukh underscores that these people are monitoring it all for a reason. He explains, “There are already more than a hundred cases like Kolmohorov’s one. In addition, presently prisons are filled with those who are under investigation for similar charges. The guys who carried out the orders of their commanders and the President – who actually mobilized the whole country for the defense of the Fatherland – are now sentenced.”

Therefore, Oksana Syroyid insists that now it is necessary to protect Kolmohorov, in the first place, and then to protect all 250,000 servicemen who served or are serving in the army under the conditions of war. She notes, “Unless Serhiy Kolmohorov is acquitted or the case is submitted for a new examination under the conditions in which it really should be examined, every serviceman remains under threat. This is the greatest manifestation of cynicism and disregard towards our soldiers. We must make the right decision which will protect the soldiers”.

She says that it is the creation of the relevant conditions for the use of the army that has to be the way out of the situation. “The order on the use of the Armed Forces must be finally adopted and approved by the Verkhovna Rada. Then each serviceman will be protected. Until such a decision is made, we will have to fight for each and every one of them in the courts,” Oksana Syroid concludes.


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