Bereziuk: Disregarding Ukrainian people, driving them into fear and hopelessness – this is what our government is about today

During the meeting of the coordination board, the leader of the Samopomich Union faction has voiced the main problems the country is facing today.

Bereziuk, together with the faction, is demanding a report from the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Naftogaz on resistance to the construction and commissioning of the Nord Stream 2. The MP stresses the importance of this report to the parliament:

“The government is talking about its victories so much. Meanwhile, a question arises – isn’t there any secretly discussed transit agreement with Russia about the supply of gas in exchange for silence regarding Nord Stream 2? This is a very serious thing. Our Western partners, including Poland, have serious apprehensions about this. They say that once the Nord Stream 2 is opened, this will open the road for Russian troops to Kyiv.”

Secondly, Bereziuk notes that the confidence in government has decreased even more against the background of recent events. Disruption of the heating season in the city of Smila and many other cities, where the mayors are treated like whipping boys is another proof of this. But there is a consistent pattern behind this separate example. “The government and the authorities are once again trying to cover their idleness and inaction. But this idleness cannot be hidden, it finds manifestation in macroeconomic indicators – over the last month, the GDP has dropped by one percent – from 3.8% to 2.8%. Are the mayors also to blame for this?”

Bereziuk says that today there is a trade balance deficit of 62%.

“Economists know what this means – this means inflation and the rise in prices of goods. Is this also because of the mayor of Smila or the mayors of other Ukrainian cities? No, it is not! These are the signs of a powerful plundering of the Ukrainian economy by oligarchs.”

The people’s deputy once again draws attention to the trade with Russia.

“Trade with the Russian Federation is increasing. It has increased by 21% compared with the same period from last year. We are buying everything from there, even cotton wool. Is this also because of mayors?

In the meantime, the government wants to solve the problem of budget deficit by increasing the unified social tax. Those who do pay now will have to pay even more. And what will be the reaction of the business? They will go into the shadow or will close down. And we will have an even greater trade balance deficit. Are mayors to be blamed for this?

I want to remind you how our deputies, in particular, fought to reduce unified social tax, how we hoped that the adoption of progressive laws would benefit the state! Great hopes were destroyed by the current government. And devalued by it,” says Bereziuk.

“Fear and lies are spread throughout the country. Today everyone is wiretapped – opposition politicians, their relatives… Why is nobody paying attention to this? Is this legal? Information is presented on the central channels, on TV shows. This information is absolutely not confirmed. In normal countries, this leads to “Watergate”, in our country, no matter how those “gates” are called – nothing happens because state institutions are owned by criminals today. And these criminals are not prosecuted.”

“This is a disregard for the Ukrainian law, the Ukrainian state and, most importantly, for the Ukrainian people who are being driven into fear and hopelessness.”

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