Bereziuk: “Housing for large families is the responsibility of the authorities in a civilized state”

Samopomich Union has prepared a draft law designed to support large families. The document will be registered in the parliament soon. According to the chairman of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleh Bereziuk, large families and specialized public organizations took part in developing the draft law. The document provides that after putting a building into operation the developer should give 2-4% of apartments (depending on the city) to large families.

The parliamentarian states that the introduction of such a norm is quite possible and will not require excessive resources from cities. For example, in Kyiv, a million square meters of housing are built every year. That is, 3 million in three years. That means that over this time it is possible to provide housing of 300 square meters to 200 large families or provide 400 such families with housing of 150 square meters. In fact, this will return the norm, withdrawn from the law in 2008, according to which the developer could transfer part of the apartments to the city to provide social housing, for large families among others.

“The same situation is observed in all other cities of Ukraine,” states Oleh Bereziuk. “There is experience of socially responsible liberal countries of the world who do so.” Therefore, the MP has announced a meeting with the mayor of the capital of Ukraine in the near future, at which the issue of housing for large families and the said draft law will be discussed. Oleh Bereziuk is convinced: “Kyiv should be an example for the whole of Ukraine. I think this will be supported by all cities.”

The parliamentarian concludes: “Large families are a power generation. We must support them.”

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