Bereziuk: “Earn money for the state instead of deriding schools”

Oleh Bereziuk demands from the government and the Ministry of Education to protect a school in the village of Lytovyska of the Sambir district in the Lviv region. The chairman of the Samopomich faction addressed the Verkhovna Rada with such an appeal.

“The village has the right to have its own school, because there is no road to other schools. There is no need to close it, but the government, the ministry and the governor chose to deride the school in order to save several thousand hryvnias. Close the customs, close the gas leaks and earn money for the state instead of deriding the school and humiliating people.” Oleh Bereziuk demands from the Minister of Education to pay attention to the unprincipled behaviour of the Lviv Regional State Administration regarding the school in Lytovyska and to stop persecuting those who defend education in Ukraine.

We shall remind that the parents of pupils of the Lytovyska school appealed to the court because of violations of children’s rights to education. Only on the eve of the Knowledge Day the school resumed its work. Earlier, local deputies had planned to close the school and transfer the children to study in another school without heating and proper conditions.

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