Bereziuk: “The bill on reintegration serves the interests of Russia, which is destroying Ukrainian sovereignty and independence in a hybrid way”

As noted by the chairman of the Samopomich faction Oleh Bereziuk, the so-called bill on the reintegration of Donbas should be finalized in the second reading today; we can only pass it in the parliament if it indicates the date of the war, clearly defines the fact of the occupation and the responsibility of the enemy – because the Ukrainian independence and sovereignty really need this.

“Finally, the parliament started talking loudly about Russia being the aggressor, Ukrainian territories being occupied, and the fact that we have to repulse the aggressor. However, why all of a sudden so boldly and frankly? Because in the third year of the war we have a hybrid law which actually deceives people.

This is the law that still fails to use the word “war” – the war of Russia against Ukraine – and instead speaks of the measures by which not the Ukrainian state but only one person will be guided.

The law does not state the date of the beginning of the war either, which could protect those Ukrainians who remained in the occupied territories and our soldiers who are defending Ukraine in the time of war.

This bill still speaks of no occupied territories – only of a territory to be determined and on which there will be none other than the army of the invader.

The bill that is considered today in the parliament is a deceit of ordinary people. There are beautiful words in the preamble, but there is no responsibility for the enemy in the very body of the law.

This is not the bill for Ukrainian statehood and independence. This bill serves to please the Minsk agreements and the notorious draft law on the special status of Donbas, and consequently it serves Russia’s interests, which strives to destroy Ukrainian sovereignty and Ukrainian independence in a hybrid way,” Oleh Bereziuk stressed from the rostrum of the parliament.

The Samopomich faction insists that this law is really important and necessary, but it will only be effective if it indicates the clear dates of the war, defines the occupation of Ukrainian territories as a consequence of Russian aggression, and clearly proclaims Russia and its troops the occupier.

“One cannot negotiate with a tiger when one’s head is in his mouth,” Oleh Bereziuk concludes.

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