Oleh Bereziuk: If the National Anti-Corruption Bureau doesn’t open any cases on declarations, the natural aggression of the Ukrainians will be used against the state

Officials, politicians, judges, who won’t be able to explain the origin of their assets mentioned in their electronic declarations, should be punished. This was stated by MP from the Samopomich Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk.

“On the whole, the declarations that we’ve seen are a sign of a crime against the state, especially the declarations of the public officials who have been working as people’s deputies, judges, prosecutors for twenty to twenty-five years, that is they have always been public managers, and have managed to accumulate such enormous amounts of money,” says Oleh Bereziuk.

According to him, such a financial paradox is not the only aspect of the situation with the electronic declarations.

“In addition, there is a psychological aspect. These declarations made ordinary people feel hatred, anger, frustration and fear. These are very strong feelings. Now the state, as an institution that wants to preserve itself, should respond to this very clearly and adequately. We are talking about the National Agency on Corruption Prevention’s examining of the declarations, its transferring the relevant information to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, and opening of criminal cases. If this does not happen, this energy of anger, hatred and aggression to the authorities can be used by our enemies in order to make chaos in the country,” warns Oleh Bereziuk.

Therefore, in order to fairly punish the corruptionists, Ukraine needs to create the most important institution – of which we have been talking for more than a year – the Anti-Corruption Court.

“Establishment of the Anti-Corruption Court is the key element in the logical continuation of the fight against corruption. Because today even if the National Agency on Corruption Prevention and the National Anti-Corruption Bureau prove corruption and a case gets to court, there is a high probability there will be problems in the court – after all, there is no trust in the existing judicial authorities.”


Oleh Berezyuk
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