Bereziuk: The government was obliged to create a transparent gas market. The conditions for this have been there ever since 2015

“Ever since 2015, both the governments of Yatseniuk and Hroisman, have had the opportunity to create a gas market in Ukraine,” says the leader of the Samopomich faction, Oleh Berezuk.

“Why is the government’s decision to raise gas prices for the population very inappropriate? Because the government has only done one-third of what it was supposed to do. Officials are forced to raise gas tariffs to patch up the hole, which they themselves created as a result of their inaction, and now they are like robbers trying to get into people’s pockets.”

The authorities should remember and do three things: set the market price for gas, introduce gas metering in the country, and introduce energy efficiency policies. So far the only thing the officials have managed to do is to increase the price. But even this increase is absolutely unreasonable, according to Bereziuk.

“Unfortunately both governments have proved to be very unprofessional. No one understands what they are doing. If we ask our officials how much gas comes to Ukraine and how much of it people are using today – I assure you there will be no answer. Because today there are no conditions created for establishing high-quality meters.”

“A vivid example is Boryslav. The city that stands on oil and gas is daily losing 100,000 cubic meters of gas, which just goes into the air with no accounting whatsoever!

Why aren’t these 100,000 cubic meters of gas used in the gas market for the sake of reducing the price of gas, at least in the region? By the way, this gas was once collected, even back in the Soviet Union, and sent to central Russia when there was still no Urengoy. Why are our officials so irresponsible in relation to mineral resources nowadays? This is because of the lack of professionalism!

For them it is easier to take gas from the Russian Urengoy pipe, even if is through Europe, to set huge prices under the “Düsseldorf+” or “Rotterdam+” schemes and, ultimately, to rob people.”

Energy efficiency is a sign of a civilized country. In Ukraine, there are conditions for it, but they are not used.

“Today, the more gas people use and the more they pay for it, the better it is for every oligarch, since the latter are making money on this. At the same time, the government should have an energy saving policy. How much money does the government give to people for “warm loans” program? When people take out credits and insulate their homes, do they get any preferences from the state? Do they get any preferences for reducing the consumption of gas? And sometimes they manage to reduce the consumption by half. “Warm loans” are not beneficial to oligarchs. Therefore, the amount of money on them in the next budget totally does not meet the existing needs.”

Three years ago, in 2015, the Samopomich faction in the parliament supported the abolition of state regulation of gas prices for the population.

The legislative conditions for a transparent market were created back in 2015, that is, the gas was supposed to be Ukrainian. And for whichever amount of gas we would lack, there was supposed to be a balanced price. For some reason, nothing has been implemented. Now Samopomich supports the resolution to cancel the government’s decision to increase the price of gas.

“Counters, access to energy savings through “warm loans”, reduced gas consumption, increased gas production — all this makes a real market price. We gave them the opportunity to reach this, yet they have only worked for their own and Russian enrichment. This is a typical fraud of the oligarchic government, which discredits the very idea of the market and robs people.”

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