Bereziuk: Ukraine, Germany, and the United States are the keys to offsetting the aggressor and preventing the Third World War

“Without a doubt, Russia entered Ukraine as an aggressor, occupied its territory, and entered Europe through disinformation and interference in the internal affairs of many countries. And there is no doubt that Ukraine, Germany led by the EU, and the US are the keys to offsetting this aggressor and to preventing the Third World War. Ukraine, Germany, and the United States are the keys to peace in the world. And this is obvious,” stated the leader of the Samopomich parliamentary faction, Oleh Bereziuk, during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

He noted that Ukraine and Germany should be honest with each other. Honest in everything – first and foremost, about Minsk Agreements. The position of “Samopomich” in this matter is rigid: Minsk, as such, cannot be implemented because it is analogous to Stalin’s proposals of 1950 to unite Germany, pardon the Nazis and hold elections. The then Chancellor Konrad Adenauer said that Germans chose freedom. 50 years later Germany united. Today, Ukrainians also choose freedom, so to have unity in the end.

“Instead of Minsk, we offer a full de-occupation of the country, de-militarization,  introduction of the implementation mission of the UN troops. Let me emphasize once again – not a peacekeeping mission, but an implementation one,” says Bereziuk.

Another fundamental thing is to ensure there will be no Nord Stream. Nord Stream-2 is not just an economic issue; this is a weapon of Russia against the European Union. And this is the destruction of Ukraine, because our gas transportation system is a militaristic shield of Ukraine against aggression,” notes Oleh Bereziuk.

However, Oleh Bereziuk notes that Angela Merkel has a very liberal position regarding the Nord Stream.

He says, “If the Nord Stream is completed, unfortunately, Ukraine’s independence will be under question, and the European Union will be destroyed by the so-called monopolistic honest broker of Russian gas in Europe, which Germany will become. This is destruction.”

Bereziuk emphasizes, “Being partners, being honest in our relations, we suggest creating a powerful, possibly bilateral, Central European military complex consisting from Ukraine, Poland, the Baltic countries, Hungary under the leadership of NATO in Europe. Because these countries know the perfidy of Russia”.

For her part, Angela Merkel said that Ukraine should put an end to the clan economy. The Chancellor made this clear statement at the end of the meeting with the leaders of parliamentary factions, looking at some members of the Verkhovna Rada with a smile on her face. She openly urged not to support the clan economy.

Oleh Bereziuk commented on this statement.

“This means we need to de-oligarchise Ukraine and destroy the oligarchic regime. Otherwise, we will neither defeat the internal poverty, because the oligarchs produce poverty, nor the external enemy, because the latter is taking advantage of the fact that someone is robbing the country.”

Generally speaking, Oleh Bereziuk says that Merkel’s conversation with the Ukrainian parliamentarians was productive and useful, although at the same time tough and frank.

“I believe that Ukraine, Germany, the EU, and the USA are the axis of good and peace. If they are together, there will be no Third World War. And if someone wants to make friends with Russia and trade with it, we will be subjected to the aggression of the despotic regime,” concludes Oleh Bereziuk.

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