Bereziuk: “There must be people defending the state interest in the parliament”

The future parliament has a chance to become not a place of ideas, but a place of a show. Such a conclusion follows from the election campaign and those political forces that are fighting for deputy seats.

The leader of the Samopomich Union faction Oleh Bereziuk notes: “There is no “Servant of the People” party. This is not a party, this is a group of people who have united (or have they?) and something that will emerge from this. I think what will emerge is 7-12 groups of representatives of the clans and one small group of romantics. And this is the problem of Zelensky – how to manage it all. Even the Voice party is also a group of people, except that there are probably a little more romantics there. But how to manage them? They have no common idea, there is no idea uniting them!”

These people themselves do not understand who they are and where they are heading for from the point of view of ideology:

“For example, you can be a cosmopolitan, you can think that the world belongs to the world. But first, you need to realize who you are, what your national identity is. Yet we are having cosmopolitanism in the state today – “Peace to the world!” It cannot be so. By the way, the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine should resign because of his statements about the language, since this is a gross political mistake, speculation made by an official,” says Bereziuk.

And what the “new faces” are trying to impose on Ukrainians cannot take root in our realities:

“We have no liberalism in the country, we have some pseudo-liberalism, when liberal rules apply to the state governed by six oligarchs. In order to achieve real liberalism, we need to overcome the protectionism, we need to educate Ukrainian businessmen, give them opportunities. We are a postcolonial country, we have a very young business sector – it hasn’t even been two generations of businessmen yet. What kind of neo-liberalism are we talking about? The neo-liberalism for whom? For the oligarchs? For Kolomoiskyi, for Pinchuk, for Akhmetov?”

Samopomich has never been a liberal party, it is a centre-right party, which has 5 conservative positions on the identity of government, and 2 liberal ones concerning human rights and a social market economy. Bereziuk notes:

“We are following our own path, we have a consistent position, and one day people will understand this. And what is the “Servant of the People” or “Voice”? They are a white screen on which people are projecting their desires. Samopomich has no money because we never followed the oligarchy – either Petro Poroshenko or other oligarchs. Because there must be people in parliament who uphold the state interest.”

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