Bereziuk: The Constitution has an article on the state language, but for 28 years there has been no law for this article

The leader of the Samopomich Union faction, Oleh Bereziuk, hopes that by the second reading the law on the state language will not be spoiled by amendments, as is often the case, and states that Samopomich will definitely vote for this law. Because it should have been adopted 28 years ago, as well as the law on de-communization.

“There is an article of the Constitution defining the Ukrainian language the state language of Ukraine. But for 28 years there has been no law regulating the functioning of the state language. We will vote for this law because we want to develop the political and legal system in Ukraine and we want one more provision of the Constitution to have its form of implementation.”

Oleh Bereziuk notes that the law on the state language has nothing to do with the functioning of other languages in Ukraine, because this will be a different (it exists now and we need to work on it).

Addressing the opponents of the law the leader of the Samopomich faction says,

“The language is the symbol of the state, just like the flag and the emblem. Therefore, the law of Ukraine on the state language, by defining the way of its functioning and regulating the use of the Ukrainian language in the state, among other things, will protect the Ukrainian language.”

Oleh Bereziuk says that similarly to the law on the state language, it is necessary to adopt the law on the president:

“The Constitution states that the president is the guarantor of implementation of the Constitution, of rights and everything else. Yet, we have no law on the president saying how the president should do it all, why he/she should do it, in what way, what kind of responsibility he/she should bear for non-fulfilment of his/her functional duties. This is why everybody is so eager to occupy the president’s seat – it gives power but entails no responsibility.”


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