Bereziuk: Fear, misinformation, and poverty are the tools of enslavement

The leader of the Samopomich faction notes that today’s persecution, attacks and killings of public activists are captivating the country with fear with a sole aim of paralyzing people and making them scared to defend their rights and fight for their well-being.

“Fear, disinformation, and poverty are the tools of enslavement. It has always been like this, this is nothing new,” says Bereziuk. He emphasizes the importance of creating a provisional investigative commission on attacks and killings of activists.

The creation of this commission will be an important symbol for the Ukrainian people that there is someone in Ukraine who can defend public activists who raise their voices, who act and protect people.

“Why are public activists suffering? Because they are opposing the clan economy. Who is protecting this clan economy today? Law enforcement agencies, since they are not investigating these cases,” concludes Bereziuk.

Today, leaders of all factions recalled the visit of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, but they forgot to mention her last question with a sarcastic smile to the leaders of the factions of the Ukrainian parliament, “When will you put an end to the clan economy?”

“And this is a key question. Because the clan economy results in the impoverishment of people, and in the increase in tariffs, among other things. The law on the gas market has come into force. Cities and organizations start buying gas at open auctions, so independent, non-clannish organizations can now present their propositions. What are clannish regional gas companies owned by the oligarchs doing? They are blocking the outcomes of these tenders, so today entire cities, enterprises, schools are left without heat for this very reason. What is it? This is the clan economy.”

The authorities have merged with the oligarchs and do not let people have heat in their homes and workplaces. Bereziuk notes that two cities in the Lviv region – Novyi Rozdil and Novoyavorivsk – are left without heat because of the oligarchic fuss.

Cities are being robbed by the government. For example, a city in the east of Ukraine. Two years ago, the development budget of the city was 2 billion hryvnias, this year it was 1.2 billion hryvnias, and next year, in accordance with the proposed draft budget, it will only make be 0.5 billion hryvnias. Oleh Bereziuk is indignant, where has the money earned by the city disappeared?

“This money is used to patch up the holes of the government. Because in some cities, educational and medical subventions are underfunded by 36%, 46%, 56%. Hundreds of children throughout the country are not receiving their due funding. This is anti-constitutional, and we have been talking about this for several months here. Yet, the Minister of Education is silent. Meanwhile, entire schools are being closed down in order to save 200 billion hryvnias to patch up the hole in the central budget.”

Cities are robbed not only because of the insufficient subventions, but also because of insufficient financing of infrastructure subventions for united territorial communities, because of shifting the responsibility to cover travel benefits to local budgets, because of insufficient funding of government programs for the purchase of medicines, including insulin, because of 75% discount on land tax rate for Ukrzaliznytsia, Ukrnafta and Ukrgasvydobuvannia.

“The robbery continues due to the underfunding of the excise tax on retail sale of fuel. At the same time, there are numerous illegal gas stations all around cities. Where are the law enforcement agencies? Where is the State Fiscal Service? Where is the Prosecutor General’s Office? Only when public activists come out and block access to these gas stations, only then law enforcement officers appear,” concludes Bereziuk.


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