Bereziuk: The path of the government is the path of the state bankruptcy and the bankruptcy of the Ukrainian people

The policy of the current government is already bringing its “results,” says the leader of the Samopomich faction, Oleh Bereziuk.

“The current policy of the government and the authorities is manifesting itself in macroeconomic indicators – the GDP has already dropped by one percent – from 3.8% to 2.8%.”

According to the people’s deputy, this is a sign that the real economy is stalling. And this “success” of the government is only due to trade and, by the way, exclusively due to imports. Because today there is a trade balance deficit of 62%. Bereziuk notes that imports from Russia have increased by 21% compared with the same period from last year, “We are even buying cotton wool from Russia. This is how the economic “successes” of the current government looks like.”

Having robbed the country, the government decided that the only way out now is to take money away from people’s pockets.

Bereziuk draws attention to these actions of the authorities, “This is a robbery of cities. Local budgets are being robbed.”

The government has also got into the pockets of entrepreneurs. Oleh Bereziuk says, “It is in this budget that the government plans to raise taxes for entrepreneurs – a unified social tax – and to solve its problems at the expense of entrepreneurs. And what will be the reaction of the business? They will go into the shadow or will close down. And we will have an even greater trade balance deficit.”

The government has also raised tariffs for ordinary people. “This is because the government has done nothing to create high-quality market conditions. And these are an increase in gas production, energy-efficient technologies, “warm loans” that could really reduce tariffs.”

The leader of the Samopomich faction urges to start resisting this shameful policy of the authorities:

“Mayors should not give up! Do not be silent, go protest against the robbery of city budgets. Entrepreneurs should not give up! Do not let them increase the unified social tax! And, of course, people should not give up. Do not let them rob you. This is the task of the parliament today: during the voting for the budget, we need to show the government that its path is the path of the state bankruptcy and the bankruptcy of the Ukrainian people.”

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