Bereziuk: “Samopomich said it would change the election rules, and so it did with its 100% presences and votes”

By the skin of teeth and only at 17th attempt the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Electoral Code. 230 MPs supported it with their votes. While Samopomich was the only one that gave all its votes every time when the Speaker put to vote the return to the amendments in order to adopt the Code then.

The leader of the faction, Oleh Bereziuk, says that the rest of the factions, except for Samopomich, were playing and expected that the document would not pass.

“I am proud for the fact that on the last day, just like on the first day, the Samopomich faction was present in full composition and gave 100% of its votes for what it promised from the first day in the Verkhovna Rada. “Samopomich said it would change the rules for electing MPs and so it did!”

Why was there this huge resistance to the Electoral Code? Bereziuk explains:

“There is the past and the future. And now the chances of the people who for the last 25 years, by and large, have been coming to power through money, lies, opacity, have decreased significantly. Today one must offer not money, but themselves. This is an attitudal change. We are becoming a free state, albeit very slowly.”

And although this voting is truly historic and Ukraine has proved that it is moving forward despite all the obstacles, Bereziuk says that we are still far from complete victory:

“A complete victory will come when the law is signed by the president and people elect parliament by the new rules. Meanwhile, today we are on a historical path in the right direction.”

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