Bereziuk: The decision to dismiss Suprun is an attempt to return the pharmacological mafia and oligarchic power in the Ministry of Health

The decision by which the District Administrative Court of Kyiv temporarily prohibited Uliana Suprun to be an acting Minister of Health is called by Oleh Bereziuk, the head of the Samopomich Union faction in the Verkhovna Rada, an anti-human and frankly dangerous for the country one.

First of all, the lawmaker argues that such decisions pose a threat of bringing Ukraine back to the oligarchic system of disregard for the people – both for doctors and patients.

Secondly, this decision will be actively used by individual political forces during the elections – for the sake of manipulating and misinforming people. Oleh Bereziuk explains, “In such a cynical and anti-human way, some political forces will try to win the votes of people who are deceived and misinformed by the system.”

The head of Samopomich in the Verkhovna Rada reminds: the popular among Ukrainians program “Affordable medicines”, which deprived the oligarchs and the pharmaceutical mafia of monopoly pricing in the public procurement market, was possible precisely due to the present Ministry of Health.

In addition, thanks to the system of reference pricing in government procurement, procurement through international organizations, the state purchased high-quality medicines for cancer centres cheaper than before. Oleh Bereziuk emphasizes, “If prior to this the state used to buy them for two or three thousand, today these high-quality medicines – Swiss, German, Austrian – cost 700-800 hryvnias.”

All this is because Ukrainian medicine was destroyed in the last 10 years by improper oligarchic management that washes out money from the budget, and by a pharmacological mafia that created an enclave in Ukraine: everywhere drugs were sold at reference prices two to three times cheaper, but in Ukraine, this pharmaceutical mafia consisting of 5-6 people, kept them incredibly expensive.

The politician concludes, “It is only in despotic regimes where a human being means nothing that people are dismissed like this! This is a crime against humanity. This court did not think about ordinary people when passing this decision. People have just started feeling the first rays of hope in our ruined and absolutely irresponsible medical system in Ukraine. And now the hope was taken away from them. Uliana Suprun was the one who stepped on the toes of the pharmaceutical mafia and wanted to return people’s money back.

Despite the fact that Samopomich is in an opposition to the current government and authorities, the faction supports Uliana Suprun in the position of the head of the Ministry of Health, notes Bereziuk.

“What the Ministry of Health has done under Suprun’s leadership is a ray of hope that the medical service in Ukraine could revive to the benefit of ordinary people. Especially, in terms of primary health care. Do you want an illustration of this? Just go to Nova Vodolaha in the Kharkiv region. Even in the smallest district, the quality of ambulatory services today is a hundred times higher than 2-3-10 years ago. Because there are proper conditions and a quality manager can make them work to the benefit of people.”

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