Bereziuk on Soboliev’s decision: We have common values, but we can have different ways of achieving the goal

Commenting on Yehor Soboliev’s decision to quit the Samopomich Union party, the Chairman of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleh Bereziuk notes that such events are a normal process for any democratic party, and Samopomich is exactly that kind of a party.

Oleh Bereziuk continues: “It is probably for the first time that we are witnessing a civilized democratic public process.

In 2014, Samopomich became a platform for people who fought together for Ukraine. We have been performing our duties honestly, openly and transparently all together for five years. The decision to implement the next stage of their political careers not with Samopomich is absolutely normal and democratic. We have common human values, but we can have different ways of realizing and achieving our goals.”

According to the parliamentarian, this situation once again confirms that Samopomich is a real political force with values, unlike the oligarchic parties, of which there are so many in Ukrainian politics. Oleh Bereziuk emphasizes: “We are starting a process that is new for our politics. It is not easy – the way it is not easy in every family – but it is honest and transparent. This is very important.”

The people’s deputy emphasizes once again – Soboliev is leaving the party, not the faction. Consequently, the faction will continue its active work until the end of term of this convocation of the Verkhovna Rada. “Responsibility is very important for us,” says Oleh Bereziuk. “We came to this parliament as a political faction and we must work because we are part of the state governance.”

Summing up, the parliamentarian noted that there was no information about other MPs’ leaving the party or the faction. “These are rumours,” he said.

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