Bereziuk: “In addition to symbols, it is necessary to build a foundation”

Following the meeting with the President of Ukraine, the chairman of the  Samopomich Union faction Oleh Bereziuk stated that the creation of the Ukrainian autocephalous church, which is an independent religious institution on the territory of the Ukrainian state, is a sign of Ukraine’s separation from the so-called Russian canonical territories.

This is definitely a right path. But this is not a merit or a victory of any of the politicians,” Oleh Bereziuk is convinced.

“It is the merit and victory of millions of people who have been striving for this for hundreds of years. So politicians should be much more modest here,” underscores Bereziuk.

He appealed to Petro Poroshenko with a call of building the very foundation of the nation in addition to creating the symbols of independence. The key laws that build such a foundation are the laws on the anti-corruption court, the financial investigation service, as well as the law on national security.

“Today’s prerequisite of ensuring our independence is the fight against corruption. Therefore, Samopomich does not understand why we cannot adopt the law on the anti-corruption for so long.

We received information that next week a group of Ukrainian officials will work with the International Monetary Fund in Washington in order to find a compromise in the matter of the anti-corruption court. We really hope that this compromise will be exclusively in the interests of the Ukrainian state and its independence.

Our position remains unchanged – the law on the anti-corruption court is imperfect. In order to comply with the Constitution of Ukraine, at the stage of pre-selection of judges, it is necessary to have representatives of our civilizational partners in the commissions so that to ensure the selection of really honest judges,” Oleh Bereziuk states.

The people’s deputy says that the President has a rather uncompromising position in relation to the law on national security. “It looks like he says – I have given you a law, now vote for it. But the law is very raw, as a matter of fact.”

As for the creation of the Financial Investigation Service, the MP emphasizes, “Today, any law enforcement agency can intimidate any entrepreneur. And the laws we are adopting do not seem to be good enough to stop this. Supposedly, everybody supports the creation of financial police. But for some reason this bill is not introduced in the parliamentary hall.”

Thus, the MP underscores that it is the task of Samopomich being an opposition faction to insist on restoring the foundation of an independent state.

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