Bereziuk: “Unpunished evil returns. An example of this is the situation with a tent in Kharkiv”

Commenting on the appeal of the Kharkiv mayor, Hennadiy Kernes, to support the petition on removing the tent collecting aid for the Ukrainian military from Svobody Avenue in Kharkiv, the chairman of the Samopomich Union faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Oleh Bereziuk, says: “The unpunished evil always returns.”

In 2014, the mayor of Kharkiv and his supporters were not punished for separatism. Moreover, a few weeks ago they were agitating for the current President. This impunity results in the appearance of such statements.

Oleh Bereziuk reminds the story of the tent: “On the day when Kharkiv citizens freed their Regional State Administration from separatists, the tent was set up in the central square to remind about this event. It became a symbol of helping the army and a symbol of respect for Ukrainian soldiers protecting Ukrainian independence and the state.

In order to prevent removal of this tent, Samopomich MP Yaroslav Markevych has already opened his deputy reception room there.

Samopomich also insists on an immediate intervention of the Prosecutor General and the Minister of Internal Affairs in the situation.

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