Bereziuk: It is wrong to solve the problems of education at the expense of education itself

The chairman of the Samopomich parliamentary faction demands from the government to put an end to the actual destruction of education in Ukraine.

“Today, the government has made the Ministry of Education and Science dependent on a terrible budget deficit. Today, we are far from talking about the development of education, today we are talking about the survival of education.”

Oleh Bereziuk notes that schools are being closed down due to underfunding. Willing to receive decent salaries, teachers are looking for jobs abroad. “We will never return those people as teachers. And these are professional people who have worked in villages and small towns all their lives and have authority,” the deputy points out.

The state is robbing the education industry throughout the country.

“Today, the subventions for salaries only are underfunded by 4.4 billion hryvnias. Today, already 30% of cities and villages have to provide this funding from their own budgets, otherwise, schools would have long been closed down.”

Bereziuk says that the government is blatantly lying when saying that these are the responsibilities of the local self-government exclusively. This is an unconstitutional crime.

“Today, the financing per student, which in accordance with the Constitution must be provided by the state, is underfunded. Education is not only an investment in future generations, it is the security of the whole country,” the deputy concludes.

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