Bereziuk: The top authorities of the country are covering criminals who serve them

The Verkhovna Rada must adopt the draft law “On the President of Ukraine” developed by representatives of the Samopomich Union as soon as possible. The draft law clearly describes the functional responsibilities of the Head of State, eliminates the conflict between the Prime Minister and the President, spells out the responsibilities of the President of Ukraine as well as the impeachment procedure.

If the document had been adopted earlier – by the way, Samopomich has been insisting on clearly defining the presidential powers for years – there would have been no such oligarchic rush in the elections. The reason why there is such a huge and dirty fight for the presidency is that the position of the head of state implies the absence of any real responsibility and punishment and the ability to manage resources, mineral wealth and power at the same time.

MP Oleh Bereziuk emphasizes: “Samopomich believes that the parliament must adopt the law “On the President of Ukraine” immediately!

“The draw law is ready. Just sign it and do it for the Ukrainian people and calmness in the country, because now the tension is unprecedented.”

As proof of this – the persecution of activists and honest officials across the country. For example, the chief doctor of a local hospital Olena Kuzar is being prosecuted in the Chornomorsk of the Odesa region because she wants to conduct quality tenders, while the authorities insist that there should be kickbacks. The parliamentarian tells the details:

“Her car is damaged, she is watched, harassed, blackmailed.” The same situation is witnessed in Kamianka-Buzka district, where Oksana Shvayuk is being persecuted for defending ecological interests and the land of the local community together with colleagues from the local Samopomich office.

Liubomyr Bordun from Kolomyia is another example. On the eve of the first round of presidential election, he had his car set on fire because he is fighting against those who steal the lands of the community.

The reason for this state of affairs is the fact that top authorities of the country are covering criminals who serve them. They benefit from this lawlessness, because in such conditions it is more convenient to rob Ukrainians.

“People will not tolerate this,” states Oleh Bereziuk. “You cannot deceive people, they are very smart. Our task is to preserve peace in the society – not to stir it up, not to split it, but on the contrary, unite it for the sake of success, peace, justice – and to hold elections.”

The MP concludes: “The people know for sure whom they trust. Their choice will be the only correct one, despite our views and desires.”

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