Bereziuk: “We would like the trial of Marchenko to prove that Ukrainian judicial proceeding is still working properly, and innocent people will not be imprisoned”

Chervonozavod District Court of the city of Kharkiv is examining two procedural requests for applying a measure of restraint for Vladyslav Marchenko, chairman of the Zaporizhia regional branch of the Samopomich Union.

The defence party has initiated a motion to recuse Judge Yezhov, who is to consider these requests, in connection with the personal interest of the Kharkiv regional prosecutor in applying pressure on the judge.

“The Kharkiv regional prosecutor has repeatedly demonstrated his interest in another criminal proceeding, which was registered back in January 2017, and where the name of Judge Yezhov appears. Mr. Danylchenko made several high-profile public statements when during the investigation of criminal proceedings against Judge Yezhov he expressed his confidence that the Judge was guilty. We consider this to be a basis for the challenge of Judge Yezhov,” says lawyer Vladyslav Hryshchenko.

He underscores that such protection actions are by no means intended to delay the trial: “The defence party is more than anybody else interested in a prompt consideration of the requests for applying a measure of restraint and in application of lawful decisions. After all, we consider the requests to be unfounded, and believe that Vladyslav Marchenko and his brother Mark Marchenko must be released as soon as possible from custody.”

Chairman of the Samopomich faction in the parliament Oleh Bereziuk once again draws attention to the obvious political partiality of this case.

“The fact that we are in Kharkiv is an order of the Presidential Administration, which can control both the prosecutor’s office and the courts here through the head of the administration. And today’s case is a classic illustration of the tyrannical proceedings of 1937. Judges are made dependent; I think we’ll also see witnesses made dependent, and so on,” the MP noted.

At the same time, there are still hopes that the trial of Vladyslav Marchenko can serve as evidence that Ukrainian legal proceeding still works and innocent people will not be imprisoned. Therefore, Oleh Bereziuk on behalf of the Samopomich Union appeals to the guarantor of the Constitution and laws: “For the third time within 24 hours we are addressing the President of Ukraine. You have an uncontrolled Prosecutor General’s Office, and the Prosecutor General is engaged in politics. This is a number one crime in the state. The highest state organization which has to protect the state, today serves its collapse. Therefore, we must fight for ourselves, as well as for every Ukrainian in this state,” Oleh Bereziuk says.

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