Bereziuk to Kurt Volker: Oligarchs are Russian agents inside Ukraine

After a meeting with US State Department Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker, the Chairman of the Samopomich Union faction in the Verkhovna Rada, Oleh Bereziuk, noted the key role of the United States in supporting Ukraine in confronting its eternal enemy – Russia.

Bereziuk emphasised that the Minsk Agreements had finally collapsed and that it was clear that those agreements had been the obvious Moscow’s plan. According to Oleh Bereziuk, now it is very important for Ukraine and the United States to help Europe understand that Nord Stream 2 is Russia’s weapon against Ukraine, Europe, and the world.

In order to step up its security, Ukraine must pursue an industrial partnership with the United States – in the development of the military-industrial complex and its own production of modern weapons.

Bereziuk also notes that the everlasting enemy has its agents inside the country, and these agents are the oligarchs. Oligarchs are making use of the Ukrainian economy by weakening it from within.

However, the head of the Samopomich faction believes that the most dangerous thing is the oligarchs’ seizure of the Ukrainian political system through the parliament, the government, the state budget. Therefore, the key role of non-oligarchic political forces as a counterweight to the current system is so crucial in the next elections.

In his turn, Kurt Volker also noted that it was precisely the presence of an oligarchic confrontation that hindered the democratic and fair development of Ukraine and prevented the GDP growth, which could be twice as large. Foreign companies do not want to risk their investments not only because of corruption but also because of the influence of oligarchs on the judicial, law enforcement, and administrative systems, which is even more toxic, because it does not guarantee the protection of business.

We shall recall that on Tuesday, December 18, Kurt Volker held a number of meetings in Ukraine. In particular, he met with the Speaker of the parliament and the leaders of the Verkhovna Rada factions.

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