Bereziuk: The country and its citizens should not be dependent on the wisdom or stupidity of one person

“Today there is a choice without a choice. People massively voted against unscrupulous fraud in power. This is the reality we have.”

The only positive thing is the transparency of the elections and this, according to Bereziuk, is one of the greatest values of the Ukrainian elections. But Ukraine is going to face some hard times. Yet, we all know that statehood cannot be easily built.

Samopomich and Sadovyi have done their best and were willing to unite….but, unfortunately, Hrytsenko did not manage to become the person who would unite the democratic forces. Maybe the democratic forces were weak or the protest mood was already extremely high.

Bereziuk explained why the current President ended up with such results in the elections: “The most important thing is to never ignore objective reality. The current president of the country ignored reality, wanted to deceive people, and he failed. But he also destroyed the institution in which there must be confidence. We are talking about trust in public administration.”

Bereziuk is convinced that Samopomich, having people’s trust, will become a platform for restoring confidence in the government.

“The country and its citizens should not be dependent on the wisdom or stupidity of one person. The state is a system of checks and balances. The parliament and the law on the President, as well as local government are a counterweight to the first person in the state. We need to think about it and do it right now.”

Samopomich calls on conscious and professional citizens to unite and prepare for parliamentary elections.

“Last week, we had a party conference, where we agreed on the principles of building a list for the parliamentary elections. According to our vision, one-third of the seats in the list should be given to those people who are conscious, professional, but are not members of Samopomich. We want to build a structure which will be trusted,” said the chairman of the faction.

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