Bereziuk: “Every President whose goal is to serve the nation, must lobby the bill on the President”

Ukrainian legislation lacks an instrument of deterring the President. So, once in office, the head of state assumes a lot of powers, but without any responsibility for his actions. It is noteworthy that part of these powers are not designed for the President in a parliamentary republic, which Ukraine is. To remedy this situation, the Samopomich Union has developed a draft law “On the President of Ukraine”, which eliminates the duality of power.

Oleh Bereziuk, Chairman of the Samopomich faction in the Verkhovna Rada is convinced that such a document should have been adopted more than 20 years ago, since it creates a real system of checks and balances for the President, without which the development of the state is impossible.

The parliamentarian notes: “We always have rebellions – usual ones, electoral ones. Let’s try and live without sensations and turn governance into serving. This is our goal.

Creation of a high-quality parliamentary process has been the aim of Samopomich from day one.” The only ones who oppose this are the oligarchs and their henchmen. “They need lies and sensations,” says Oleh Bereziuk.

At the same time, every President whose goal is to serve the nation should lobby the draft law “On the President of Ukraine”, since the document will protect him.

The lawmaker concludes: “Strategically, in many respects, this law is the law of the President’s success, which will prevent the repetition of the events that have happened in the society over the past ten years. I dream of having a successful Presidents of Ukraine. This means that we – the citizens of the Ukrainian state – will also be successful.”


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