Bereziuk: “There is no dialogue between the president and the parliament because there is no parliament”

“The president can carry out his activities when he appoints relevant people. Meanwhile the parliament today does not let the president make these appointments,” the leader of the Samopomich faction, Oleh Bereziuk, comments on the first month of Zelensky’s work in office.

In his opinion, the only significant appointment made is the Chief of the General Staff.

“Judging from what we hear from the military and volunteers, we can say that this person is worthy of this position. As for everything else – we will see later.”

Bereziuk also believes that a kind of stagnation in the relations between the president and the parliament does no credit to the parliament in the first place.

“We are at the end of the parliamentary cycle, and the parliament is dying in a very natural way. It is a pity that it should be done in such a vulgar manner.”

It is MPs’ duty to let the president carry out his personnel policy.

“It makes no sense not to vote for resignations and appointments. Unless these appointments are questionable. We have been insisting on Lutsenko’s resignation from the first day of his appointment, we are the only faction that voted against the appointment of an ignoramus to the highest procedural position,” concludes Bereziuk.

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