Bereziuk: “The State, “Ukrnafta”, “Naftogaz” have no respect for people in Boryslav”

“Anti-human, anti-people and anti-state activities,” this is how the chairman of the “Samopomich Union faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleh Bereziuk describes the situation in Boryslav, Lviv region.

Boryslav, which stands on the oil and gas field and which could have been an incredibly rich city provided we had a real gas market in Ukraine, is now in a critical ecological situation. Thus, oil is flowing in rivers; in sewers, the explosive concentration of methane makes up 26% (!) today, while the upper limit of explosiveness is 6%. This threatens the safety and health of city residents. And the authorities are perfectly aware of this but are doing nothing.

Following his visit to Boryslav, Oleh Bereziuk states: “The state, “Ukrnafta”, and “Naftogaz” have no respect for people. They are misleading the people and destroying nature and the oil-producing industry.”

The people’s deputy reminds: “For the last two years, the Boryslav community has been fighting one-on-one with the oligarchic and, I believe, criminal group that is abusing Boryslav. The entire mining infrastructure, the infrastructure of processing and using mineral resources of Ukraine is being destroyed. People are being deprived of jobs and have to go abroad. Today, as a result of a decrease in production, there is a catastrophic environmental situation.”

All this is a crime for which no one has yet been punished. “There is no one to administer punishment,” notes Oleh Bereziuk.

The MP has already appealed to the chairman of the supervisory board of “Ukrnafta” with the requirement to take immediate actions.

In addition, Samopomich has repeatedly appealed to the authorities – to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, the Governor of the Lviv region and the leadership of the State Emergency Situations Service to immediately intervene in the situation and prevent an environmental catastrophe. Stop mocking the people of Boryslav!

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