Bereziuk: We see typical Pharisees. They say one thing and do something absolutely different

At a meeting with MP Oleh Bereziuk, Ukrainian businessmen asked him to communicate the following information.

First of all, these are the actions of the Ukrainian authorities and officials, who, as it would seem, should be showing their best properties and be worthy of the single Ukrainian church, about which they are talking so much.

However, in the Volyn, Ternopil, and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, entrepreneurs are suffering because in recent months these have not been the patrol police exercising control on the roads, but real patrol raiders. The latter provoke crimes, lie, take bribes and help drunk drivers avoid punishment.

Another problem, which spoils the holiday spirit and all the excitement connected with the tomos, is the actions of the tax authorities. Business representatives are complaining, “They have gone mad because it has never been this difficult before”.

The last “gift” that the authorities made before the New Year and which will directly affect not only entrepreneurs, but actually all the people, is the abolition of night lighting tariffs. By and large, this is a real catastrophe for local government! In the cities, streets cease to be lit up one by one because the local government does not have any money budgeted for this.

But it is not only the light problem that will cost millions for ordinary citizens. This is the problem of energy efficiency, in the first place. Over the last years, high-mountain schools, trusting the authorities, have been installing energy-efficient equipment that accumulates heat during the night. So a regular school that spent 130,000 hryvnias on heating last year will now spend 400,000 hryvnias. Because of the fact that night tariffs are cancelled! Who is this crime aimed against? There are hundreds, if not thousands of such schools. These will be unaffordable payments for them. This is a real fraud on the part of the state – first, they talked about European approaches and savings, so people invested their money in equipment and ended up deceived! Once again.”

The unique city of Boryslav has also suffered from the cancellation of the night tariffs. It used to have water pumped into special tanks during the night, but now, due to the changes, water supply is carried out only for 6 hours per day – three hours in the morning and three in the evening. Oleh Bereziuk is indignant, “In the 21st century, a city that is rich in oil cannot afford to provide people with water 24 hours a day.”

Therefore, we have to admit that during this pre-election time, under the guise of good intentions and holy things, the oligarchy continues to rob and deceive people. Oleh Bereziuk concludes, “We see typical Pharisees. They say one thing and do something absolutely different.”

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