Babak: The government ignores the interests and needs of condominiums

Despite the numerous statements of the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine on the development of energy efficiency programs, in reality there are many significant problems in this area.

Firstly, according to the MP Aliona Babak from the Samopomich Union faction, the Energy Efficiency Fund, the law on which was adopted a year and a half ago, is not working.

Secondly, there are problems with condominiums. Thus, the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities is completely ignoring the interests of condominiums in matters of obtaining services from monopolists such as regional gas companies or Naftogaz. Finally, locally, people are forced to fight with shutdowns by regional gas companies, because the NCSREU makes them sign the so-called service contracts on domestic gas supply networks, violating the law on natural gas market and the law on condominiums.

Aliona Babak expresses her indignation: “People write letters, MPs write, while the President merely voices slogans from the rostrum about how much he loves condominiums. Today we need to demand the NCSREU’s compliance with the law of Ukraine on the natural gas market.”

As a result of the present policy, we have only 30% of condominiums in apartment buildings. While condominiums are an effective model for managing apartment buildings.”

While the NCSREU together with the President and the government express their support for condominiums in slogans, Naftogaz is exercising pressure on them, imposing requirements that are not present in the law. This includes, in particular, the transfer of information on gas consumption up to 1 o’clock each day or the compliance with gas use limits within the planned 5%.

Aliona Babak emphasizes: “In order to ensure energy efficiency in the state, for us to become energy independent, instead of slogans, we need actions of all state institutions that should be aimed at the implementation of the laws of Ukraine.”

So far, only Samopomich seems to care about the protection of condominiums because it understands the importance of condominiums. The people’s deputy emphasizes: “As soon as the state starts proving with its actions that it sides with consumers who have taken control of their house, as soon as it starts supporting and protecting consumers in accordance with the regulations of the law, there will be order in the country.”

Summing up, Aliona Babak appeals to the authorities: “So let’s make immediate changes to the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers, the codes approved by the NCSREU. To this end, we have already sent proposals for resolving topical issues that concern consumers to these institutions – proposals for amending the Cabinet’s Resolution No. 867, a petition to the Antimonopoly Committee on the abuse of the monopoly position by Naftogaz in relation to condominiums having roof boiler rooms, a petition to the NCSREU for immediate elimination of the illegal requirements in the gas distribution system code for condominiums’ entering into contracts for the operation of gas networks. We are waiting for actions!”

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