Babak: Government’s resolution made the entire heating energy sector a hostage to Naftogaz

The central government is once again making the local government responsible for the former’s poor management. During an hour of questions to the government, V. Hroisman said that the problem with the absence of heating in Kryvyi Rih was a problem of the mayor and local commissions, since this TPP has UAH 374 million of debt.

Samopomich’s deputy Aliona Babak reminded the Prime Minister, “The Kryvyi Rih thermal power plant has the largest shareholder and member of the supervisory board, the State Property Fund of Ukraine. It is not the mayor that manages this enterprise, but you, Mr. Hroisman, through the SPFU. And when you now say that all the mayors should turn on the heating, you forget that the mayors had not had the price of gas before the beginning of the heating season. And the resolution that you adopted in violation of regulatory conditions, has made the entire heating energy sector a hostage.”

Samopomich asks: who will be responsible for the adoption of a regulatory act in violation of the laws of Ukraine? The government has today set such conditions for payment for gas by heat producers, which require a 90% current payment for gas, while heat tariffs will be increased only in January.

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