Babak: The government must immediately inform people about the possibility of using 3.2 billion hryvnias of budget money through the Energy Efficiency Fund

Samopomich is asking the government when the Cabinet of Ministers will inform the citizens of Ukraine about the operation of the Energy Efficiency Fund and about which packages of documents people need to prepare in order to use UAH 3.2 billion, which were allocated and assigned to the Fund by the budget of two years (2018 and 2019), and 50 million euros which are provided to Ukraine by the European Union.

MP Aliona Babak has also asked the ministers when the government will provide the parliament with suggestions regarding how we can get water and heat utilities out of the crisis and not burden the local government with the energy reform.

“Everyone knows that the government has simply failed to fulfil its duty and has not given water and heat utilities the opportunity to use the services of an electricity supplier with special obligations, as the law allowed. The government made them bear huge losses, since the new prices for electricity came into effect on January 1 for water and heat utilities, but the prices for water and heat are not so quickly adjusted. Accordingly, this meant direct losses of both business entities and local self-government. The government does not offer anything to solve this problem.”

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