Babak: “Raising gas prices for heating enterprises is illogical and runs contrary to the government’s promises”

MP Aliona Babak from the Samopomich Union faction addressed the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Hroisman regarding the confirmation or denial of the information about the increase in the price of natural gas for the generation of thermal energy by 15%.

The parliamentarian cited the following facts in the letter: “The heat supply enterprises received from “Naftogaz of Ukraine” a contract for the supply of natural gas from May 1 to May 31, 2019, in which the price for 1,000 cubic meters of gas increases to UAH 8,621.76 (including VAT)”. Thus, the price of natural gas for the production of heat for the population will increase from UAH 8,550 per 1,000 cubic meters to UAH 9,821 per 1,000 cubic meters.

Aliona Babak says that this contradicts the words of the Cabinet of Ministers and “Naftogaz” about the tendency towards a decrease in the price of natural gas for residential consumers.

Consequently, the Prime Minister should give a clear answer to the question whether or not starting from May 1, the price of gas for the production of heat energy for residential consumers will be increased.

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