Babak: “To the benefit of gas oligarchs, the parliament has killed the law on the prohibition of installing house gas meters in apartment buildings”

According to the current law on commercial accounting of gas, from January 1, 2018, gas companies will have to disconnect from gas supply the houses that refuse to install house gas meters. As stated by Samopomich MP Aliona Babak, yesterday the Verkhovna Rada killed the law, which could prevent this regulation from being implemented.

“In the meantime, the Ukrainian regulator says that those who want and can – should install apartment meters themselves. But they forget that 60% of the population today depend on subsidies and cannot afford to spend 3.6 to 5 thousand hryvnias on the installation of individual meters,” notes Aliona Babak.

Samopomich Union faction calls on the parliament to correct the shameful mistake: to place on the agenda and adopt as a basis and as a whole a bill #5722, which prohibits the establishment of house gas meters.

“Dear colleagues! Let us not make things worse in the society, at the same time calling for accountability in this room. Let’s take real steps. I ask all parliamentarians to support this initiative of the Samopomich Union tomorrow, to include the bill #5722 in the agenda and vote for it,” concludes Aliona Babak.

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