Babak: People must be protected in the time of reforms implementation

Samopomich demands the government to immediately inform the population about the use of the Energy Efficiency Fund money, of the immediate state program on installing individual gas metres and full compensation of the difference in tariffs for water and heat enterprises, so as not to burden local budgets and citizens with all the consequences of energy sector reforms.

MP Aliona Babak says, “Until the state and the parliament realise that all reforms must be accompanied by proper protection of every citizen of Ukraine we will not be able to talk about economic reforms in the energy industry.”

After all, both officials and MPs are constantly talking about how important it is to have balanced approaches to the insulation of houses and the installation of metres, and that we should raise energy prices to market ones only after that. Yet in real Ukrainian life, the situation is radically different, Aliona Babak notes.

“Where is our government today, where are the representatives of all the authorities in promoting the work of such an important Energy Efficiency Fund, for which the budget provides UAH 3.2 billion. Tell me if there is a single household, a single city in which people know what they need to do in order to use this huge resource of the state budget of Ukraine and ensure the insulation of their homes? Where is the order of compensation for the cost of installing gas metres? A year was not enough for the government to manage to give it to people so not to make them hostages to incomprehensible gas consumption standards. And where is the government with a citizen protection system in the face of serious energy sector reforms?

Where is the government that would lobby not only the reforms of the gas supply sector, but also the development of other vital for the state sectors? These are heat supply systems, water supply systems.”

The lawmaker insists that people must be protected in the time of reforms implementations, while the funds allocated for water and heat supply for cities and communities must be used according to their intended purpose, and not for appearance’s sake, “Yesterday, for half a day Odesa remained without water. Why? Everyone asks what could have been done? Well, we could have allocated at least 200 million hryvnias for the program “Drinking Water of Ukraine”. But where did the money go? The money went to the sports grounds of the majority deputies in the pre-election year for political corruption.”

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